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Medical Marijuana is becoming a hotter topic by the day.  Should it be legal? Too what extent should it be regulated? What about the DEA and the War on Drugs? Are there truly health benefits to THC?  All these questions and more are raise when it comes to legalizing pot.


As I was enjoying my morning cup of coffee and read the Wall Street Journal, I came across an article from the US Patent and Trademark Office.  For three months the Office allowed entrepreneurs in the medical marijuana industry to file applications for patents and trademarks on their marijuana products.  People applied to patent soda drinks that contain cannabis, names of weed, and even business names.  The US Patent and Trademark Office has since taken the category of marijuana off its website since to be eligible, a product most be able to be legally sold in all states.  They are still allowing applications to be sent in, but they are no longer noting the category of medical marijuana.

This seemed to be two steps ahead and then two steps right back to square one.  At least some progress and recognition is making way in the industry of medical marijuana. With a little legislation and legitimacy, there would be a great number of benefits for our economy.  Is medical marijuana a meal ticket to turn around California’s numbers that are in the red?

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Medical Marijuana Inc. will join the wellness and holistic health expo in Michigan.

Medical Marijuana Inc, a Oregon-based consulting company for medical marijuana, is scheduled to host a health and wellness expo in Pontiac, Michigan.  They are pioneering the integration of hemp and marijuana into alternative medicine. With more states legalizing medical marijuana, MMI assists with business developement.


Fired for smoking medical marijuana? Is that right?

In Oregon, it is now illegal for any state workers to smoke medical marijuana, regardless if they have a MM card. The state says it must uphold and adhere to its “zero tolerance” policies of drug use.  Any state who takes a drug test and fails can be fired from their position.Check out the article in The Oregoneon.

Traveling Medical Marijuana Clinics?

I came across an article in the Billings Gazette, mentioning whether or not traveling medical marijuana clinics should be banned.  Physicians travel from city to city setting up meetings at hotels and evaluating patients for use of medical marijuana.  Doctors also meet with patients via digital video links.  Lawmakers have a concern that access to medical marijuana to becoming to easy.  Even though a doctor may talk to a patient via video, the patient must email or fax the doctor all medical records before a prescription can be completed.

How tight should regulations be on medical marijuana?  The state of Montana is currently trying to pass various laws restricting the ease of obtaining a medical marijuana card. One of those laws states that the physician must have a “fixed location” and cannot be a traveling or telecommuting clinic.

Marijuana outlets in unincorporated areas get OK

County approves pot clinics, with heavy restrictions

Harvard Doctor says marijuana is NON-toxic, Gives cannabis to his sick dying son to ease pain

Medical Marijuana Vending Machines

Medical Benefits of Cooking Marijuana

By John Contraros

There are many different health conditions in which cannabis looks like a promising medicine or treatment. For some of these conditions, smoking may be more appropriate. For instance if the effect needed is urgent, as smoking works almost instantly. For many others though, the effects of cooking cannabis can be more positive. Here are just a few reasons why you might want to consider eating cannabis rather than smoking it. I suggest you talk to your doctor before making a decision, as he or she will know which method will work best for your particular ailment.

The most obvious benefit is that your lungs are not harmed. Achieving the effects of medical marijuana without smoking it is a great option for people with asthma or conditions which make smoking unsuitable. Because you are not drawing smoke into your lungs there is no risk of tar or other toxins getting into them. Marijuana is virtually non-toxic, so as long as the cannabis is cooked properly (to kill pathogens), there are very little impact on your bodies health.

Cooking marijuana for pain relief also has a few advantages over smoking or vaporizing. Although it may take up to an hour or even longer for an oral dose of marijuana edibles to take effect, it prolongs the drugs effects for several hours longer than if you were to smoke. This is great for people using medical marijuana for arthritis. The medicated state from ingested cannabis can last up to 5 hours and sometimes longer. This also can help reduce the impact on the lungs because it eliminates the need to smoke every couple of hours or so to help relieve pain.

There are many methods that may be used to cook with cannabis. These methods include using an edible fat-based solvent such as butter or oil to absorb the active compounds in marijuana. Alcohol is also used in some applications. Tinctures may also be made for topical medication if needed. These methods do require some learning on the part of the patient or caregiver, however given time it will be an enjoyable process that becomes second nature.

There are many ways to use the products of these methods. For example cannabutter, ghee, and cooking oils may be used in some recipes in place of the real thing. It is important to not use a medical marijuana extraction in any recipe that requires a cooking temperature of higher than 400 degrees Fahrenheit. High temperatures like this can cause the THC, the main active compound in cannabis, to vaporize. This means you lose it to the air! Not good, so keep it below 400!

The benefits of cooking with cannabis, in many cases, far outweighs what you would get out of smoking it. If you are using medical marijuana I highly advise you to ask your doctor if cooking with cannabis is an option for you. If you decide to pursue cannabis edibles it is important you learn the various methods of cooking with cannabis before experimenting. Ask your doctor for information and possibly even recipes. If your doctor cannot provide you with this information you can use the internet. However be cautious as there is a lot of false information about this topic. Use your judgment to determine the best options for you.

About the Author: For more information see cooking marijuana and other health benefits of cooking cannabis.


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