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As I was enjoying my morning cup of coffee and read the Wall Street Journal, I came across an article from the US Patent and Trademark Office.  For three months the Office allowed entrepreneurs in the medical marijuana industry to file applications for patents and trademarks on their marijuana products.  People applied to patent soda drinks that contain cannabis, names of weed, and even business names.  The US Patent and Trademark Office has since taken the category of marijuana off its website since to be eligible, a product most be able to be legally sold in all states.  They are still allowing applications to be sent in, but they are no longer noting the category of medical marijuana.

This seemed to be two steps ahead and then two steps right back to square one.  At least some progress and recognition is making way in the industry of medical marijuana. With a little legislation and legitimacy, there would be a great number of benefits for our economy.  Is medical marijuana a meal ticket to turn around California’s numbers that are in the red?

Click here to read the entire article.

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